The company structure

Ile de France
The restaurant, "Ile de France", established in 1971, fixed AndrûPachon’s reputation in Tokyo. Located in the center of Roppongi, it is decorated as a French auberge, or tavern. It is a French cuisine at its best that it is always full. In order to dine at one of the 40 seats, one must make a reservation at least a day in advance.

PACHON Daikanyama
This restaurant, with 90 seats, was opened in 1984. It answers for André Pachon’s three wishes:

- To welcome the customers of Roppongi in a more intimate atmosphere. A French style terrace accommodates guests in dry weather.

- To meet the needs of the expanding catering services.

- To serve customers grills cooked in a hearth with fire made by burning firewood.

A cellar keeps wine at an ideal temperature for aging. The customer may choose a bottle through the window.

Being one of the pioneers in French restaurateurs in Tokyo, André Pachon saw a chance to further expand his activity, when he got an access to a perfect spot for it in Daikanyama. From here, he can deliver a complete dinner for an intimate gathering of 10 or less, or serve a reception of 500 guests for a company or embassy banquet.

Le Bistro Pachon (Karuizawa)
Established in 1993, south France provincial cooking and service

La Broche Pachon (Karuizawa)
Established in 1996, special grilled and broche meat Languedocien.

Le Petit Bedon (La pâtisserie Salon de thé le Petit Bedon)
The restaurant, with 60 seats, was opened in 1998, to be in charge of Chef Philippe Batton.
Total cooking of French gastronomy.

The staff
There are 60 employees working here, some of them since opening of the business.
André Pachon is perfectly supported by his French and Japanese staff in the dining room as well as in the kitchen.
He takes great care and much time in training his staff. This explains why this company attracts so many young people with hopes to make career in the restaurant business.

VILLECARLA: a training center
André Pachon is working on a project to open a training center in Carcassonne designed for Japanese cooks wishing to specialize in Grande Cuisine Française.